It’s now more than 18 months that I came to you for getting relief for my stiff back and lower back ache. With the 2-3 sessions that you had with me and following the 1-2 minute exercises 8-10 times in a day and stretches that you suggested, I could see improvements within a week of following the instructions. You had also asked me not to stop my Yoga, but to continue which I do to this day.

I do not have a stiff back nor do I experience the pain that I used to have for the last 3-4 years. At 59 I am feeling better than ever thanks to your intervention.

I have recommended your name to a few friends too.

- Sundar Rajan, Businessman

I would like to share my experience to the people who are suffering from Low Back Pain and Hip related problems.
Before 7 years I was suffering from tremendous low back and leg pain where I met many doctors where they had given me option of having medicines or to undergo surgery. In the mean time I got reference from my friend for Devang and he assessed and treated me using McKenzie Method. I was amazed that within 5 sessions my low back and leg pain vanished and I could walk normally. It was a miracle.

The way he motivated me for self-care was amazing. I’m thankful to him for his efforts and generosity.

- Reena Parekh, Perfect Placement

My wife few years back went through Knee Replacement surgery after which it was difficult for her to cope up to walking normally and do daily work. With Devang's Physiotherapy sittings my wife was feeling better and was rejuvenated to continue the daily work like there was no sittings. Problems didn't end there, as my wife in few time started getting pain on right knee. Instead of going for surgery we consultanted Devang again, who asked her to go through a few sessions and then taken decision of surgery. It was some kind of a miracle where without surgery the knee pain was gone. I will never be able to thank Devang for this. It doesn't end there, my wife also had pain in hip joint. Instead of going to an orthopaedic we first got to magician Devang. He made her go through a few seatings and then recommended to check out an orthopaedic doctor when pain had reduced. Dr. Joshi a renowned orthopaedic doctor of Kokilaben Ambani hospital who was surprised to see the progress was not short of appreciation for Devang. Total we all know how common Knee replacement have become in India and it's surgery cost plus later Physiotherapy is a huge chunk of money which can not be affordable to everyone. As I said his father Satish Dharek gave all in life serving the under privileged, his son brings out a concept to help not only under privileged but also the privileged. It is rightly said like "father" like "son". Thank you so much Devang for the things you have done for me and my wife. It can never be repaid. Thankyou Again.

- Anup Desai & Panna Desai

My spinal reports showed I have issues in my upper spinal area and irreversible damage leading to pain in my left upper shoulder and neck region and numbing effect in my left arm.This was a clear result of years of wrong posture, curling up in bed and reading all night leaning to my left, chatting on for hours with mobile phone pressed between my left shoulder and left ear while i worked in kitchen or on my work desk. In a nutshell, I invited this spinal breakdown over a decade of negligence and erroneous lifestyle.

After diagnosis by leading orthopaedics of Mumbai, all i received was sympathetic listening and a suggestion to consult a " good physiotherapist". neither would they suggest the appropriate ones nor bother to take ownership and arrange for therapy under their care or guidance. After consulting 4 physiotherapists and renting equipment and hiring therapists for home visits at very high fee, and even visiting a maverick chiropractor, and spending huge sums, my pain and discomfiture remained unchanged:((

Then a therapist happened to mention "Specific Exercise" and shared Dr Devang Dharek's contact number. Meeting Dr Devang Dharek was a life changing turning point for me.

Dr Devang was younger and much more approachable than any of my therapists so far. his close observations at each stretch and turn of my arms and neck were reassuring me that he is understanding and gauging my fault lines and would suggest some effective therapy . he patiently explained McKenzie school of healing and pain management, and started my therapy with gentle tucking in exercises. Instead of just twice or thrice a day, Dr Devang advised I exercise 8 to 10 times a day, even if only 4-5 sets of neck exercise. this was new and so easy and so relieving. at half of the usual therapists vising fee! he asked me to come after 48 hours and be gentle but mindful of my neck and spine posture. he asked me to stop titling my neck and maintain a straight posture.

He suggested i use McKenzie roll in my pillow under my neck and back rest while sitting in chair. both these things have become an integral part of my daily life and even travel companions. With every visit Dr Devang carefully observed my progress as well as hindrances in fluid movement, and revised his exercises accordingly. after a few sessions i needed visiting the clinic only once in a week and then once in a fortnight! thanks to his therapy and care. he enables us to heal ourselves and understand the reasons for our pain and treat the root cause and live pain-free, without compromising on our chosen activities and lifestyle.

my total expenditure on his treatment has been less than the cost of an MRI or spinal x-rays. so any of my friends have also been benefited immensely from his Midas touch and their healing and improvement is also a testimony that one need not rent put expensive equipment and call home therapists or take painkillers. pain can be managed and conquered by right and honest therapy that is McKenzie therapy and their scientifically developed back supports etc.

forever grateful to his treatment and to Dr Devang, who is now a valuable friend and well wisher too !

- Rachana Bhandari Kapoor, Media Profession, Star Network

It was June 2014 as I remember that My father in law Shri Satish Mehra who had a serious scooter accident and had to go through Major surgery at the Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital where there was a plate put in his upper spine and the Doctor Mr Abhay Kumar Sr Neurologist had stated that he would only get movement in his hands and legs if he would go through proper physiotherapy.

That is when Devang Dharek stepped in , On consulting him and his regular visits and advise and continuous physiotherapy sessions , Today u cannot say that my father in law had gone through such a serious surgery two years back, He is fit and is able to do all his daily chores and is hale and hearty.

I would like to thank Devang for his upmost devotion and knowledge of Physiotherapy and wish him success and fame.

Whenever I come across any one in my near and dear who requires any help with respect to Physiotherapy I always recommend his name.

- Ajay Ramesh Gupta, Senior Manager, Growells Mall.

I approached Devang Dharek after my mother was diagnosed for Motor Neuron Disease and this was causing immense problem while walking.

Devang created with his expertise in physiotherapy created treatment road map in consultation with neurologist. In limited time I was able to see result from his treatment. Devang is very systematic and precise in his approach. He treats patients with great respect and care.

- Moiz Kantawala, IT Professional, Melbourne Australia

I would like to share my experience. I was suffering from neck pain and headache since long. I took many medicines, wore collar for many days and bed rest. Then I met Devang and with the help of his 1 exercise my pain vanis in few sessions. Now I'm completely pain free.

- Priti Javeri, Teacher, Kandivali

I have the honour of sharing my experience of treatment with Devang Dharek. He has earlier helped number of my patients some of them were even advised back surgèry. Myself had this unusual pain in left hip and groin area for more than a month. Was even apprehensive of not developing AVN. Devang on his return from Scotland was kind enough to visit me. And in couple of sittings with scientific assessment and minimalistic exercises based on his expertize in McKenzie, I was free from my ailment. My gratitude, blessings and best wishes to this young dynamic dedicated professional! Thanks a ton!

- Dr. Hitesh Shah, Homeopathy Kandivali.